Brody Buster

When Brody Buster was just 7 years old, he picked up one of his Mothers old harmonicas and began to teach himself to play. Little did he know in a short time he would be jammin’ on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee. In this 8 year stretch he would take the Blues world by storm. Playing worldwide and sharing the stage with the who’s who’s and musical legends of Quincy Jones, Chaka Khan, Keb Mo, Lee Oskar and many other greats. As a regular featured artist at BB King’s Blues Club, the legend BB himself took high interest in Brody’s talent and let him join him several times throughout the years. BB King was quoted as saying “Despite his young age Brody Buster is one of the greatest harmonica players of our time “

Being a child prodigy sure has its perks. In this whirlwind time of his life Brody was also featured on countless TV programs. Highlights including: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Dateline, Crook & Chase, Jon Stewart Show and even features on Baywatch Nights and Full House.

At 16 Brody began to sink himself into the current music of modern day. He felt the need to live life as a normal teen without music being the focal point. He made a few mistakes along the way and began to create his own “Highway to Hell” as he likes to sing. These trials and tribulations began to groom Brody and his musical talents. As the years went by he surrounded himself with friends and began to jam in many bands. While in these projects Brody kept growing into the skin of his talents.

These days, his career isn’t quite the whirlwind it once was. He has settled in Lawrence, has grown into a multi-talented artist and continues to create his own style of Countrified Roots Rock-n-Roll for the masses.

Brody began toying with a new project he deemed The One Man Band. Himself, his electric guitar, harp, snare, kick-drum and “kicking ass” high energy. In 2017 he found himself back in Memphis, Tennessee. This time he brought his shine to the International Blues Challenge for the Kansas City Blues Society as a solo performer. He had no expectation of winning this highly coveted competition that hosts over 150 high caliber musicians from around the world. However, Brody showed the masses in Memphis that as an adult he still has ‘ELECTRIFYING” multi-musical talent. He made his way to the finals and then stole the show. “The most talented musician I’ve seen here”-Rick Booth. Claiming the 1st place win for Best Harp Player and 2nd in Best Solo/Duo. After such an exhilarating win Brody went on to tour the US and Canada, making stops at The Montreal Jazz Fest, Temblant International Blues Festival, Bronze Blues Festival (Oregon), Tall City Blues Fest (Texas) Paola Blues Fest and countless other venues so far…

Brody has released many band and solo CD’s, he looks forward to getting back into the studio to make more great music and build on his next journey in his musical career.

Today you can find Brody jammin’ around the region.

Jesse Casebolt

As a child Jesse spent many Saturday nights listening to Gospel and Bluegrass music at his grandparents house. Jesse started his drumming journey playing on boxes in his grandparents basement, his grandma buying him his first drum set. Being a child of the 90s, Jesse grew up listening to a wide range of music. Jesses’ influences today range from North Mississippi All-starts to Mac Miller.